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March 11, 2013
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Zero: Jean Rayce by Srinitybeast Zero: Jean Rayce by Srinitybeast

"What do you want?"


Name : Jean Rayce

D.O.B : October 2

Age : 18

Gender : Male ♂

Height : 5'5"

Occupation : Part time job at a pet store.

Zone : Zone 2

Demonic Weapon :

[ Devil Tails : Parasitic ]

His two chained tails move swiftly upon attack and target his enemies. His tail’s main attacks are to constrict their target and/or lash out at it with the blades. The chains can be broken if put under too much strain and can easily become tangled in one another if Jean isn’t careful while fighting. The attacks are rather short ranged though the mobility of his tails seem almost unlimited in the areas that they can reach. Though the blades cannot change size or forms they are easily considered to be lethal given how sharp they are.

Personality :

[ Loyal, Hardworking, Quick Witted, Independent ]

[ Rueful, Anxious, Cynical, Stubborn, Secretive ]

Jean can easily be dismissed as a person who is seemingly disinterested in becoming close to others. He is often guarded and perceptive, and he takes social interactions as more of a time to observe than to mingle with his peers.

Seemingly tactless and rather blunt in his statements, Jean can come off as uncaring towards strangers. He doesn’t bother to cushion his words unless he legitimately cares for the person he’s speaking to. When speaking to someone he feels close to he is very considerate of their emotions due to his analysis of them prior.

He rarely discloses much about himself however, he likes to keep his past to himself. He constantly regrets his crime. He refuses to speak about it to anyone and becomes even more cold when people press him for information about himself. Due to this guilt, Jean can become overly protective of kind hearted people.

History :

Jean’s family of three was far from wealthy; ever since Jean’s mother had left his father when he was a child she struggled to maintain financial security for her two children. The task proved to be exceptionally difficult with Jean’s younger brother who was severely mentally handicapped.

Jean’s brother was kind, soft spoken, and genuinely an innocent boy throughout his youth well into high school. His mental capacity was that of a toddler and he was put in “special” classes to help him move at his own pace throughout his school career.

However even that wasn’t enough, Jean’s brother still struggled a lot in his studies. His mother asked Jean to help him out with homework as well as helping her out with housework. Sometimes Jean felt more like a parent than a child, and he found it hard not to resent his brother for his disabilities when he was forced to give up time for himself for his sake.

On top of the stress Jean had at home helping his brother; he was also tasked with the job of protecting him at school. A group of lowlifes thrived off taking whatever they could from the boy. They took advantage of his kindness and his inability to distinguish “friend” from “manipulator”. Jean took on the role as his defender as well which often resulted in him getting into some trouble in the process.

Money was tight not only due to Jean’s brother’s medical bills and constant needs but also because of the home they lived in. The end of town where they resided was far less than desirable and on many occasions Jean’s home was broken into and robbed. The robbers were obviously unprofessional, leaving fingerprints fanned across the area. However the police were too preoccupied with “far more serious” matters throughout Zone 2, after all living in an area like Jean did they were bound to run into trouble. They dusted for fingerprints but ultimately they didn’t bother with the case at all.

The situation only grew direr as Jean grew closer to adulthood and his mother’s health began deteriorating. As his mother grew more and more ill Jean began to worry more about his brother since he was still too young to be his legal guardian. The frustration of being helpless to help his family bubbled up inside of him. His mother could receive no medical treatment due to their poor income, the majority of her paychecks went to things involving Jean’s brother.

As his mother’s health became more depleted, Jean took on more tasks in her stead. He became physically exhausted from the work around the housework, tending to his mother, his brother, protecting his brother, and his schoolwork. One day when he had fallen asleep at his desk, the same bullies from before took advantage of his brother.

He woke up to hearing his brother screaming and crying in the hallway as his brother tried to tug away a stuffed bear that Jean’s mother had given him. Jean did his best as normal to defend his brother but due to the fatigue and irritability he landed himself in the principal’s office with a fat lip and a phone call home.

However they never could reach Jean’s mother. She was found collapsed on her floor of her house with no signs of a forced entry. The place was cleaned and the two brothers returned home, only one with the knowledge of their mother who had passed on earlier in the day.

The weight of responsibility alongside the crippling reality that what he’d done for his mother hadn’t been enough destroyed Jean’s sanity that day. He could feel his mind reeling as he listened to his brother prattle on about what a hero he was. He didn’t feel like a hero…or much of anything at that point. He glanced over at him and then away, unable to face the soft childlike expression that showed him so much admiration.

When he got inside with his brother he helped him with his homework like usual, he spoke even more gently than normal but he couldn’t look him in the eyes. He fed him and helped him bathe and then he helped him into bed. He was so distracted he didn’t even notice the fact that the same group of thugs from the school had followed them home or broken in as he took care of his brother. He was on a mission.

What more could he have done? Allowed his brother to be sent back to his abusive father? Allowed him to be thrown into foster care? Was he supposed to drop out of school, pick up a job and take on all the responsibilities? Even with his mother around, Jean could hardly manage the house so without her seemed near impossible. Jean couldn’t stop the trembling in his hands when he grabbed the gun his mother had stashed away under her bed. He walked back into his brother’s room, concealing the weapon as he held out his bear and a book.

He read him his story and when his brother had drifted off he pulled out the gun. His eyes widened when he heard the unfortunately familiar voices. Turning he saw the same group of idiots who had given his brother a hard time earlier in the day. Their eyes widened in surprise and their leader grabbed at the gun in an attempt to grab it from Jean, they assumed that he had the gun to protect his brother…not shoot him.

A fight broke out over the gun and Jean’s brother woke up in the process. In an attempt to stop further violence, and to prevent Jean from getting into any more trouble, he got between the two. “Stop!” He cried as audibly as he could, his speech impediment often times made it difficult for others to understand him. Jean in an attempt to stop the chaos pulled the trigger, directing it originally at the leader of the group...however Jean's brother had pushed himself in the way. And the shot fired, piercing through Jean’s brother at close range. The group began to curse and scream, doubling backwards as they backtracked out the window they’d broken. Jean on the other hand just sat there, staring down at the pool of blood in disbelief. He’d meant for his brother to go quietly...but they’d even taken that from him too.

The police arrived less than ten minutes later and by then, Jean had concocted an elaborate story. He told them that he was attempting to defend his brother from the thieves and that his brother had gotten in the way. Jean explained that he was sure that he heard a noise and when he went out to check that the gun was gone.

He continued on by saying the thieves were the thugs from school. The police eventually tracked them down and sure enough, the fingerprints from the previous break-ins matched the group of thugs. Jean continued on by saying that the boys had demanded that Jean clear out of the room and that they were the ones who pointed the gun at him. Given the fact that it was proven that the boys had been in the house before, they couldn’t dismiss the accusation that they’d known.

The boys of course denied it but there was far too much evidence against them. The more they looked into it, the more likely it looked that the boys were lying and Jean was the good, dutiful brother.

There were so many fingerprints on the gun that it was impossible to tell who had grabbed the gun first. In time the group began to turn against each other, mindlessly blaming one another in an attempt to get out of trouble. Jean was free from persecution but the guilt of watching his brother’s terrified face remained.

Likes & Dislikes :

+ Cute animals

+ Chocolate

+ Long naps

+ Cooking

+ Kind people

- Getting sick

- Guns

- Made food

- Selfishness

- Bullies

- Memories

Etc :

- Jean now moved out of the house where he once lived with his mother and brother into a small one bedroom apartment.

- Jean owns a tuxedo cat that he got from the pet store he works at.

- Jean enjoys cooking, specifically Italian, Asian, or French food.


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Wahhhh, gorgeous design! :iconamgtouchplz: Like the patterns, necklace, and feather earring on his normal form and the weapons of his Zero form~

And OMG, his story, so sad! :iconcraiplz: Poor Jean, taking on all that responsibility sdfoifsoij no wonder he cracked, ahhh-- And his brother, wahhh-- //sympathizes with him because my own OC was also born mentally slow, though not nearly as bad as ... LOL I just realized I don't think Jean's brother's name was ever mentioned-- :iconpapmingplz:

Hope to RP with you sometime~ ; 7 ;
Srinitybeast Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
PFFFFT Thank you, thank you.~ I'm happy to know you like it....He's just dumb... :icontearplz: I'm sure we will. >u<
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